1996, GMC Z71 Pickup

idles fine, from park to reverse or park to drive stalls right out. started a while back driving along needing to engage 4W drive and it would bog down, I would feather the pedal and it would continue to drive. I looked for vacuum line leaks, but couldn’t find any.

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  1. Could be the Torque converter. What does it do if you go from park to LOW(1st)?

    Your Idle is controlled by the IAC – Idle Air Control, generally won’t cause it to stall but if it is sticking would be possible.

    If it seems to run as long as you keep your foot on the gas, then i would look at cleaning the throat of the throttle body. Do not spray inside it. Spray a rag and wipe. You can use brake cleaner or starting fluid. (quite Common)

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