1997chevy tahoe 5.7L 4wd

truck died on me.. replaced ignition coil, started once and won’t run…. checked ignition module and it’s good.. where can I check next

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  1. First I would check to see if you have spark and fuel injector pulse.

    If you have spark and injector pulse but still won’t start. Check your fuel pressure and fuel level.
    Tip: spray some starting fluid in air filter for 5 seconds, close it up, crank with foot all the way to floor on gas pedal. If it runs on starting fluid… fuel delivery system is the issue.

    No spark or injector pulse. check ECM fuse, crank sensor then ECM

    No fuel pressure and fuel level is good, check fuel pump and filter. (this year is bad for fuel pump failure)

    Have fuel pressure and good injector pulse but no spark at plug… ignition Module(most common for no spark)

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