2012 honda accord ex-l v6

The car has gone 1000 miles in four months. how often should I change the oil? also, the place I go for oil changes says synthetic oil should be used for my accord?

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  1. It would benefit the engine to change the oil at least once every season change (assuming you are not keeping it inside a climate controlled garage). This would remove any condensation that may accumulate in the crankcase. So once a year would be fine in most cases if your only putting 4,000 miles a year on it.

    As for the oil, you need to use API – SAE 0w20. You may use Synthetic motor oil if it meets the same requirements given for conventional motor oil; it displays the API Certification Seal, and it is the proper weight.

    Drain and refill, w/filter is 4.50 qts.

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