1998 Ford Escort

The radio, heater, and roof lights won’t turn on. I checked all the fuses and they all had power still. Everything else in the whole car works. What could the problem be?

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  1. My first thought would be like yours, check the fuses. Once you check the fuse and see they are OK. Next step would be to check the component and see if the power is getting to it. If it is, then you would check the Ground.
    Myself, I like to use one of my most valued tools when working on electrical systems. I use a Power Probe.

    You attach the two connectors on the batteries positive and negative to provide power and ground to the tool. Then on the probe end you have a small clip that will allow you to provide negative to what ever you are working , then touch the probe tip to what ever you want to provide battery positive and then you press the button to test operation of the device you are testing. It has a built in breaker that trips if you touch the wrong thing. So you don’t have to worry about blowing fuse after fuse.

    So you can see if the lights, heater or radio work off the power you supplied it. Now that you know it works, you can trace backward to see if you are missing a ground or power supply. Check and repair your wiring as needed.

    All that said it looks like there is one 10A fuse that effects the radio and dome/roof light. It is referred to as the “ROOM” fuse on the wiring diagrams. I would double check this one. For exact location look under “fuse” in your owners manual.

    The Heater blower may be a separate issue but can be tested the same with the Power Probe
    . Try the blower on High Speed. if it only works on High speed, replace the Blower motor Resister. If it doesn’t work at all, test the blower motor directly and replace. If after replacing the blower motor it only works on certain speeds, replace the resister as well.

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