1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic

When I bought the truck it had way to a small tires on it. On the right side passenger front I get a vibration and sometimes a back and forth shake only on that side. The tire man told me I had damage on the wall of that tire. The front end man told me I had nothing wrong with the front end. I replaced the damaged tire and the vibration and the shake got better but did not go away. Do you think the small tires could be doing this only on the one side. The tires on it are 195 60 15 it calls for on the door 215 75 15. I could not afford to get all four tires at once. But a friend of mine has 225 70 15 that she will give me would those tires be OK and do you think it is the tires or should I be looking in another direction. What is your suggestion? Thank you

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  1. Definitely the tires from what you are describing. The swaying back and forth feeling is caused from a busted belt in the tire/s.

    The best thing would be to install 4 new tires of the correct size. However you can install the 225/70/15 tires. Just remember that you will be paying for installation, etc to put on another set of used tires. But if you are sure the used tires are good, it may be worth doing.

    Reference Link: http://www.freeautomechanic.com/tiresread.html

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