2000 Dodge Intrepid

where is the EGR located


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  1. 2000 Dodge intrepid EGR Diagram

    EGR VALVE—2.7L – removal and installation


    The EGR valve attaches to the rear of the right cylinder head.

    1.Disconnect negative battery cable.

    2.Remove air inlet tube and resonator and bracket.

    3.Disconnect electrical connector from solenoid.

    4.Remove EGR upper tube screws at EGR valve.

    5.Remove EGR valve mounting screws.

    6.Remove screws from EGR lower tube at exhaust manifold.

    7.Remove EGR valve and lower tube as an assembly.

    8.Clean gasket surfaces. Discard old gasket. If necessary, clean EGR passages.


    1.Loosely install EGR valve and lower tube, use a new gasket between tube and EGR valve.

    2.Install EGR valve to rear of Cylinder head, do not tighten screws.

    3.Loosely install screws to lower EGR tube to exhaust manifold, use new gasket between tube and exhaust manifold.

    4.Install new gasket between the EGR valve and upper tube and install bolts.

    5.Tighten EGR lower tube to exhaust manifold screws to 31 N·m (275 in. lbs.) torque.

    6.Tighten the EGR tube’s to EGR valve bolts to 11 N·m (95 in. lbs.) torque.

    7.Tighten EGR valve to cylinder head screws to 31 N·m (275 in. lbs.) torque.

    8.Attach electrical connector to solenoid.

    9.Install the resonator bracket.

    10.Install air inlet tube and resonator.

    11.Connect negative battery cable.

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