98 ford escort zx2

My cars started out dieing out once it was put into drive. I’ve done some research and got several answers. We think it might be the torque converter. There is no code to pull. It idles fine in p,n and drives fine in reverse. We checked for vacuum leaks and didn’t find any. Once the car warms up it will drive but very rough. Is there something we haven’t checked yet or is there any thing else that might be the problem. The transmission was rebuilt about 3 years ago. Thanks for your time.

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  1. Since the vehicle drives fine in reverse, I would rule out the converter. It only spins in one direction. Although I have seen this happen, it generally only happens after the car has been moving fast enough to go into OD and the lock-up converter locks and then when you come to a stop it won’t unlock and the engine dies.

    And it runs rough while driving, this sounds more like a bad ignition module or ignition coil(most likely).

    Even if the check engine light is not on, it can have codes stored. The problem with fords is unless the misfire has happened a certain amount of times, it will not set any code at all.

    A new set of spark plugs wouldn’t hurt either, probably needs them anyway. If you recently changed the plugs or wires, double check to make sure they were installed correctly. I think there is a faulty diagram in one of the manuals I looked at for this year engine.

    Let me know. post below.

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