1999 VW Jetta (MK4)

I have been manually locking my car with the key for the past two week since I purchased this Jetta. Last locked it 2 days ago. I just purchased a keyless fob (did not come with one) and had a new (second) key cut. When we went to program the fob (one key in ignition and one in door) all of a sudden the car will not lock. The key turns to the right and springs back like it’s supposed to but the lock does not engage (no red light goes on and no beep). When I turn the key to the left the locks unlock just fine (can hear the locks unlocking). I have tried WD-40 to see if something’s stuck but to no avail. Checked fuses also. Any suggestions??

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  1. Are you using the same key in the door to try to lock it as you did before or the one you had cut? Could be the key or the door latch assembly itself.

    Try disconnecting the battery for a few(leave window down) and then try to program the key fob again.

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