2004 mercury mountaineer 4.6 litre v 8

engine cranks wont start no obd codes new fuel pump with 50 psi at fuel rail and new spark plugs that spark

1 thought on “2004 mercury mountaineer 4.6 litre v 8”

  1. Lets see, ENGINE CRANK but NO START.

    You have spark, that is a good thing. got fuel pressure, also good.

    You need Fuel Injector Pulse… You can also spray starting fluid in the air filter and see if it will run on that, if so.. you know it is definitely fuel related.

    Often times alarm systems and anti-theft systems will shut off the injectors, this is a good possibility.

    If you have recently replaced a battery or done some radio work, etc. If so, try disconnecting the battery. Put the ignition key in the “ON” position and reconnect the battery, then move the key form “ON” to “START”.

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