2009 Chevrolet Colorado

I have an airbag light with code B0052 (first row center seat belt sensor) and B0053 (second row left seat belt sensor). Neither will reset. I suspect a connector problem, but what’s up with the first row and second row indications in a standard cab small work up truck with only one row of seats?

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  1. The inflatable restraint sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) senses vehicle impacts and provides deployment signals to the air bags and anchor and/or retractor pretensioners when warranted. The SDM sets DTC B0052 after each command for deployment. DTC B0052 will latch and not clear until after 3 commanded deployments by the SDM. And therefore the SDM has to be replaced using end of life disposal procedure.

    Conditions for Running the DTC

    Ignition voltage is between 9-16 V.

    Conditions for Setting the DTC
    The SDM detects a frontal impact of sufficient force to warrant deployment of the frontal air bags.
    The SDM detects a side impact or rollover (if equipped) of sufficient force to warrant deployment of a seat side air bag and/or roof rail air bag.

    Action Taken When the DTC Sets

    The SDM requests the instrument cluster to illuminate the AIR BAG indicator.

    Conditions for Clearing the DTC
    DTC B0052 00 is a clearable DTC and may be cleared with a scan tool without replacing the SDM.
    DTC B0052 56 is a latched DTC. The DTC cannot be cleared with the scan tool. Replacement of the SDM is required.

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