2003 Hyundai santa Fe

while driving it kind of hesitated and then stopped, battery and brakes lights on dash came on.. Used a charger it started again but as I put in drive it stopped again this time had to keep charger connected to get home. Took battery in and it was dead. got a new one took off the pos. side for 10 min. so the lights for dash could reset with new battery. Got in rode around the area and no dash lights going off and on. thought it was fixed. turned on radio and the brake and battery lights came back on and off. Came back home but once the car is turned off (like while in store for a few minutes) come back and car won’t start had to be boosted.what else can I do?? Is it the alternator, I can’t drive it to take auto zone to have alternator checked. I am afraid at my age (61) to drive and get stuck somewhere. there is no one to help me.Can you give me an idea to try myself. thanks

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  1. Definitely the Alternator. A local shop would be more than happy to tow it in and replace the alternator for you. Of course if you want to try and tackle the job yourself, just follow the Auto Repair Manuals tab to the left for the replacement procedure.

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