1997 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer

Had dash removed to repair blend door. After re-install, no break lights, auto door locks do not lock in drive, remote door lock not working, fuel gauge stays at 3/4 when car shut off, gas tank full but message center says low fuel and fuel level error, over head message center (Temperature, direction) and lights not working. New break sw. LOM Muiltifunctitson switch. Power at the LOM jumped break light circuit at LOM no lights. All this happened at the same time with dash removal and install. What do all these tings have in common? Is it the LOM?

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  1. What they all have in common is just that, an electrical common ground. If a power touched a ground it could blow fuses. That would be the first thing I would check. Let me know what you find by posting back in the comments below…

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