2005 Honda Civic LX bent strut

Honda Civic

After I got in my car accident my suspension strut is bent & my driver wheel goes in & outward while I drive & continues when it rotates. I know my suspension strut is bent as well but im not sure what else is bent that rotates. I know its not my rim thanks very much if you can answer my question I have a lil daughter & I dont want to put her at risk in my car till I find out whats wrong ? Thank you

My driver wheel goes inward when the wheel rotes after I got in my car accident I know my suspension strut is bent but I know there’s something els with the wheel & it also eats the inside of my tire. So my wheel goes in & outward when I drive it & eats my tire up pretty fast.

Possible bad hub bearing or any other component like ball joints or the control arms themselves.

Wheel Hub & Bearing, Replace


  1. Raise and support front of vehicle, then remove front tire and wheel assembly.
  2. Remove brake hose bracket mounting bolts.
  3. Remove bracket mounting bolts and support caliper aside.
  4. Raise locking tab and remove spindle nut, Fig. 1.
  5. Push disk off hub using two 12 mm bolts Turn each bolt two turns at time.
  6. Remove mounting bolts and wheel sensor. Do not disconnect sensor connector.
  7. Remove nut while holding joint pin with suitable hex wrench and disconnect stabilizer link from lower arm.
  8. Remove lock pin and lower arm ball joint, castle nut.
  9. Disconnect lower arm from knuckle using suitable ball joint remover tool.
  10. Loosen strut pinch bolts while holding nuts, then remove bolts and nuts.
  11. Remove driveshaft outboard joint from knuckle by tapping driveshaft end with suitable plastic hammer while pulling knuckle outward. Do not pull driveshaft end outward.
  12. Remove knuckle.
  13. Remove hub from steering knuckle using suitable press.
  14. Press wheel bearing inner race out of hub suitable bearing separator and press.
  15. Remove snap ring and splash guard.
  16. Press wheel bearing out of knuckle using suitable adapters and press.
  17. Reverse procedure to install. Tighten all bolts and nuts to specifications.