Jul 092014

How do I change the headlight set

  One Response to “2006 cadillac DTS”

  1. USE CAUTION and remove the negative battery cable.

    Tip: Do not remove the front bumper fascia to perform this procedure. Just remove enough fasteners and retainers in order to lower one corner of the bumper fascia to access the bulb.

    Open Hood.
    Remove five fender liner retainers.
    Remove two retainers from the belly pan.
    Remove three retainers to the front fascia.
    Remove one fascia tot he fender bolt.
    Loosen two nuts from the keyhole slots in the fascia and lower the fascia from the fender.
    Remove the four fascia grille retainers.
    Remove the three headlamp bolts.
    Pull the Headlamp forward to disengage the headlamp from the front support.
    Disconnect the electrical harness connector from the back of the headlamp.

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