Jul 022014

93 Ford Probe 2.0 Automatic. Had it 15 years, did my own maintenance, great car, friend borrowed… Dent on driver side quarter panel let water in, wouldn’t start, cleaned it out dried, reset fuel cut off switch, no go, jumpered starter relay- bada boom vroom- but figured starter going out…Did, towed home, month later rebuilt starter, cool it works, put it in= no spark to distributor, relay ok… Fuse interior=engine(15)=blown, replace, happy day= it starts instantly, runs beautifully! (Girl fixed it??!) Now Batt fine, plugs, dist, oil, tranny, coolant etc. as always a great car. Two test drives, ready to sell, 1/4 mi down driveway it stalls/dies, a little carb cleaner in air intake= vroom, then stalls again, this time dead. Put a little fresh gas in, cut off ok, relays, starter all fine, no go. No spark after coil, disassembled and reassembled distributor, looks great, no start, what the heck?! My Question = what now? Could there be an inline fuse/short stopping it from getting fuel And fire? Could the IG switch or EGR do that too??

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  1. Could be an ECM fuse that could cause it to loose spark and injector pulse. Check it first and post back if it was the blown.

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