2002 Honda Civic Si

My honda needs a new engine, I brought it in to the garage and they told me that I needed a new one after one day, how long do you think it will take them to get the replacement engine and replace it? How many more days do you think it will be until I can pick up my car?


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  1. I would think 2 days out, two days in, so 5-7 days at the most depending on the work load of the shop and the availability of the engine. Labor times below.

    Engine Assembly (new Or Rebuilt), Replace (complete)

    Labor Times

    Factory Regular
    Hybrid 9.0
    Wagon 15.8

    Includes: Component transfer and engine tune-up.

    w/AC add 0.3
    w/AT add 1.2
    w/PS add 0.2
    w/Top mount AC add 1.2
    w/Twin cam add 0.7

    Consumer Helper Tip: Multiply your garage/shop hourly rate by the Times displayed here to get an estimate on the repair.

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