Renault-Logan (India)

Hi, I own a 2009 Renault Logan Diesel which has a K9K DCI engine. After completing almost 115,000kms I had the engine rebuilt. At this time I got the Compressor and Cooling Coil of the AC changed too. The problem I face is as follows:
1. When the engine temperature goes high the Car engine shuts down when I press the clutch to change gears. If I switch of the Compressor then the car restarts again.
2. On RPM greater than 2500 the engine emits black smoke.
3. The engine leaks oil despite of changing all gaskets.
4. At speeds greater than 100kms the engine knocks slightly and does not give adequate pressure.

I drive almost 4000 kms a month and the car has clocked almost 155,000 Kms. If you solve one problem another starts. I have even changed the starter switch and the Oil Pump. All parts are original from the company.

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  1. Sounds like you have quite a few problems going on. I would be happy to help you with your problem. I would suggest the approach as to address each problem one at a time if you have chosen to repair the vehicle.

    If the leaks were there as soon as you got it back from the shop that rebuilt the engine, I would take it back and have it fixed. As for any sensor failure, most likely cause for the black smoke, you said were all original components. These parts are going to continue to fail the older they get and would be considered normal maintenance.

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