Timing bellt 2004 Huyndai Santa Fe v6 3.5 DOHC

Use wood wedges to hold the cams in place and did not work.The camshafts sprong out of position when changing the timng belt. Got all the marks aling according with the repair manual, but when try to turn the crankshaft the two revolutions it stops after 1 3/4 revolution.
What does that means?
If I take the belt off the crank turn with no problem. All cams do rotate but after a revolution or so it stops. The manual says to try alining everythig and instal the belt again. I have done so about 6 or 7 times with no luck.
What am I doing wrong?

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  1. I am first going to assume all the spark plugs have been removed to re-leave compression. If the camshaft will not rotate freely be itself then there must be an obstruction somewhere. Look for damage. Look for bent valves. What happened to make you want to change the belt? Did the old one break? If it did break while driving it is quite possible you make have a bent valve or two.

  2. No, all spark plug are in except the one (TDC). I’m going to get them all out, and will update.
    I’m machanical incline and got bunch of tools from my wife grandfather, whom use to be mechanic. Was changing sparkplug for routine maintenance. drop a screw in the timing belt area, thought that once I got crank on, it would spit the screw out, but nooo, it scrapped a gash along the belt. I figure to chance the belt and water pump, pulleys (the KIT) it would be no problem. Come to find out its really difficult.
    Thanks for replying

  3. Update
    I remove all the sparks plug and completed the revolutions. 720 degrees, so i put everything back together and crank it on.

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