2002 chrysler town and country

when driving it will shout off.when I try to start it when I turn the key it wont crank I have all my light and every thing if I wait 5 to 10 mins. it will start back up drive it half mile it will do it again

1 thought on “2002 chrysler town and country”

  1. Tough one. Since it dies so often and when you hit the key it won’t even crank would lead me to think it would have something to do with the anti-theft system.

    If the engine just dies intermittently and would Crank but not start I would have to think along the lines of a failed engine sensor like a crank sensor, etc. But since it won’t even crank at all which would normally be a bad starter but not like this….

    How often does this occur? How long can you leave it set and idle before the engine dies? If it happens all the time it might allow you some time to test a few things.

    Next time it won’t crank, check for battery voltage at the “S” terminal on the starter solenoid. Post back your findings in the comments below.

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