2010 Chrysler T&C 3.8 6 speed Touring

I have had the transmission rebuilt by Chrysler due to hard shifting, jerking and pulsating. After rebuild and a few miles it started over again and I replaced the throttle body and 3 speed sensors and had a relearn. All went well again for about 150 miles and it has started doing the same again. What is wrong????

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  1. Sounds like maybe the rebuild wasn’t so good. Since you just had all this done, I would suggest reviewing your warranty and taking it back. In lies the difference between between rebuilt and re-manufactured.

    Rebuilt, unless otherwise stated, is just replacing the one bad part in the transmission and putting it back together. Re-manufactured, is every part of the transmission is re-machined or replaced.

    As for diagnosing, i would start with a transmission computer diagnostics to pull the codes out. Post them here in the comments below and we can assist you further.

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