1996 Chrysler Cirrus LX

Hello my name is katie and I have a ’96 Chrysler Cirrus LX 2.5L with 155k miles. Last week I almost ran out of gas, I made it to station and thought things were fine. I drove it on freeway 15 miles then it stopped acceleration and idleled roughly then died. It started back up (rpms low/ rough idle) I pressed on gas but rpms wouldnt rise until I let off pedal, it shortly died. I replaced all spark plugs&wires, cleaned EGR valve.. My fuel pump works fine, I can hear it come on when I turn key/start car. I don’t understand, it seems if I let my car sit for a day or two then it drives fine for about one day then suddenly while driving starts acting like its starved for fuel and completely stalls out. Im really scared to drive it, and every mechanic has told me something different. Ive already spent over $400 in parts and labor and im still at square one. PLEASE HELP? THANK YOU