1995 chevy tahoe

i replaced my intake manifold and when i refilled with water my engine filled with water also did where i put oil in is my engine shot? i havent tried to start yet


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  1. I am guessing you had no water in the oil before you replaced the gasket and now you do. You probably need to take it back apart and recheck your work. And Do NOT start engine with water/coolant in the crankcase.

    Drain the oil pan of all water. Take the intake back off and recheck your work.

    What was the reason for the intake gasket change in the first place?

  2. my intake manifold cracked. and when i put it back together do i put sealant on the whole gasket or just around the end holes

  3. Chevy intake manifold gasket specs
    To install:

    NOTE: Before installing the intake manifold, be sure that the gasket surfaces are thoroughly clean.

    1.Use plastic gasket retainers to prevent the manifold gasket from slipping out of place, if so equipped. Place a 3⁄16 in. (5mm) bead of RTV type silicone sealer on the front and rear ridges of the cylinder block-to-manifold mating surfaces. Extend the bead 1⁄2 in. (13mm) up each cylinder head to seal and retain the manifold side gaskets.
    2.Install the manifold and the gaskets. Remember to reinstall the O-ring between the intake manifold and timing chain cover, if so equipped.
    3.Install the intake manifold bolts and tighten in the proper sequence. Tighten to 35 ft. lbs. (48Nm).

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