1996 chrysler cirrus 2.5 L

Hi. I need the timing belt replaced on my car. is this something I can handle? I know my way around a car a bit and have done a few major repairs(front wheel drive shaft)also, do I HAVE to replace the water pump also?


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  1. Labor time is 3.0 hours.

    This is an interference engine. This means if the belt breaks at anytime while you are driving, the pistons will hit the valves and cause severe internal engine damage. That being said, the timing belt drives the water pump. So if the water pump bearings fail.. yup, your guessed it, the belt breaks and causes internal damage. So do you HAVE to replace the water pump, the Answer is NO. But if it was mine, I would since you already have the front of the engine tore down to that point anyway.

    To access the front of the engine you need to remove the passenger front wheel and wheelwell panel. Remove the accessory belts and alternator along with the brackets.
    Remove the Balancer. Then you need to lower the vehicle and then place a floor jack under the vehicle to to support the weight of the engine and transaxle assembly. Remove the engine mount-to-frame through bolt. Remove the 3 bolts attaching the support bracket. Remove the engine mount.

    Then remove the power steering pump and bracket, leave the hoses attached, no need to remove them.

    NOT in the book, FreeAutoMechanic tip:
    Rotate the engine to align the timing marks with belt still on. Once all the marks are set, MARK the old belt and the gears with a SHARPIE or permanent marker. Remove the belt. grab your new belt and the old belt and hold them together so you can MARK the new belt the same as the old belt. THIS MAKES LIFE MUCH EASIER. Put the new belt on making certain the MARKS line up on the gears.

    Once installed, rotate the engine slowly and double check your marks and the factory timing marks. If everything checks out, your good to go.

    Of course if you want to replace the water pump, do so once you have remove the old belt. Wash off any spilled coolant being careful not to wash off your MARKS you made earlier.

    Fell free to respond in the comments below, its free so why not.
    Merry Christmas!

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