1998 honda civic

Should oil leak out when I take out my distributor?

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  1. YES. The gear on the distributor is lubricated with the engine oil. I would be more worried if you saw no oil at all.

    If you think the oil level is too full, use the engine dipstick to check the oil level with the engine off and the car on a level surface.

  2. But afterwards I put the distributor back in & on started to come out of the filter on the enengine head & a used my temp gage needle to go straight to H & my car sputtered & came to a stop

  3. Not aware of any filter located on the engine head…

    If engine overheated and started to sputter, most likely reason would be a blown head gasket. Checking your oil level and coolant level may help in diagnosing. Is your coolant level correct? Is there any coolant in the radiator itself?

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