Gti Golf VW 2002

Hello, I drive a 2002 Gti Golf and when the car is cold and I began to drive it feels like the brake is on and the car has no power and after a few minutes when the car warms up there is some shift and the car has all power. What is the problem? thanks so much.


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  1. If it feels like the Brakes are being applied or stuck then that may be exactly what is going on.

    Do you use your Park Brake?

    If this was mine, I would put it up on jack stands and leave it set over night(or how ever long you leave it set before it acts this way) and then I would put the vehicle in neutral and try to spin each wheel by hand to see which one isn’t spinning freely. Then I would tear into the brakes on the wheel that would not spin freely.

    Let us know what you find.

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