1998 dodge neon

i have oil leak, then lik 2 days ago it started making like a loud vibration type noise and over heating, someone suggested it may be a timing belt and then yesterday when i took kids to school, when i would turn it off it make alotta rumbling thro the radiator and heated up twice as fast as the day before and when i parked it for the last time last night .. i found antifreeze on ground where it was parked idling

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  1. Oil leak, not such a big deal as long as you are able to keep the oil level close to full mark.

    Anti-freeze leak, BAD. low anti-freeze level will cause the engine to over heat and will cause it to run poorly.

    It is possible that the water pump has gone bad and is leaking and the water pump is driven by the timing belt. However to be certain I would recommend pressure testing the cooling system first to determine exactly where the anti-freeze is coming from. I also Do Not recommend driving the vehicle without the anti-freeze level being full.

    Anti-freeze/coolant system Pressure testers are available for home use:

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