2005 Toyota 4Runner Sport 4.7 V8

I am stumped and genuinely need some help. My 2005 Toyota 4Runner has the 4.7 V8 and in the last week or so, the charge indicator light on the dash has been intermittent and then suddenly on always. I started searching around and pulled the battery cables and cleaned the corrosion. The charge light has remained on and when I start it up, it almost gets to operating temp and then lights, radio, heat etc. all begin to shutdown. Then the dash lights up like a Christmas tree and shortly thereafter, the tachometer drops to zero, the engine sputters and then dies and will not start again until I disconnect battery cables and reconnect. I am in a very precarious situation in life and desperately need this vehicle back on the road ASAP. Please help! Thanks in advance.


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  1. Generally when the charge indicator illuminates on the dash it means the alternator is no longer charging and the engine continues to run directly off the battery.

    Make sure the alternator belt is intact and then check the alternator.

    How to Test an Alternator

    If the alternator is not charging, replace it.

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