Jan 212015

I had the PCM replaced and after that I gave it a tune up , new plugs , wires and coil pack , TPS switch Runs great if you drive it easy, but if give it a hard throttle it bogs down .

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  1. Did it bog down after you had the PCM replaced or not until you gave it a tune job?

  2. It started after I replaced the PCM. That’s why I gave it a tune up. Which it needed anyway.

  3. Since it was acting this way before you tuned on it, I would rule out that you left a vacuum line off or crossed a wire.

    Most likely the PCM needs to be reprogrammed(flashed) with updated software. Usually will have to be done at a dealership as they have the equipment to do so.

    Check engine light on, any codes?

    Does the Fuel Pressure reading drop when it bogs down?

  4. I did get a check engine light today. I am going to get that checked today. The PCM was bought and installed at the dealer. The fuel pressure is good. I am starting to get a smell of exhaust when driving.

  5. Smell of exhaust may indicate a rich condition. Let us know what the codes are once you get them.

  6. The code I got was P0404 which was the EGR valve changed it and cleared the code. Cleaned the carbon out of it,along with a tank of premium unleaded fuel. Seems to be running great. Any other suggestions?

  7. If it’s running great you really can’t ask for more than that. Glad you got it running good now.

  8. Thank You For your Help.

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