2006 dodge grand caravan

I had the PCM replaced and after that I gave it a tune up , new plugs , wires and coil pack , TPS switch Runs great if you drive it easy, but if give it a hard throttle it bogs down .


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  1. Since it was acting this way before you tuned on it, I would rule out that you left a vacuum line off or crossed a wire.

    Most likely the PCM needs to be reprogrammed(flashed) with updated software. Usually will have to be done at a dealership as they have the equipment to do so.

    Check engine light on, any codes?

    Does the Fuel Pressure reading drop when it bogs down?

  2. I did get a check engine light today. I am going to get that checked today. The PCM was bought and installed at the dealer. The fuel pressure is good. I am starting to get a smell of exhaust when driving.

  3. The code I got was P0404 which was the EGR valve changed it and cleared the code. Cleaned the carbon out of it,along with a tank of premium unleaded fuel. Seems to be running great. Any other suggestions?

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