01 pontiac montana mini van

the van is stalling out there are no codes i and i have recently replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump but it is still having the same issue more frequently now on flat ground and even more when on a hill…when i press on the gas to rapidly it acts like it is getting no gas i had a mechanic look at it and he said that he cant figure it out


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  1. If it does this more often once warmed up, I would lean toward a clogged catalytic converter.
    If it actually dies on you , I would lean toward a failing ignition control module.

    Does it Idle normal no matter how long it has been running?
    If yes, I would look at the Air filter and MAF sensor

    If you smell gas when you pop the hood, replace the fuel pressure regulator(common failure part)
    Check fuel pressure, if low… replace fuel pressure regulator.

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