1979 Ford F100 Custom Truck

I have taken the Dipstick and Tube Assembly out of the 351M Motor in order to fix what I believe was a very bad leak at the seal where it goes into the motor. Now I’m tasked with trying to find another tube assembly and dipstick for the 351M. The Question is can I put the old tube assembly back in and just put some sealer around the tube where it meets the block of the motor. Or and here is the real 64,000 dollar question. Will a tube assembly from a 351C or 351W work as a new tube assembly fix for me. I welcome any help as this has been a real headache for me. P.s. It doesn’t appear as if they sell oil tube assembly for 351M why I don’t know. There are thousand upon thousands of 351M out there. I just don’t know if you full the old one out if you can reuse it. Thanks I know it’s a long question.

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