1989 Buick Century Custom

I need step by step instructions and diagrams if possible to remove and replace the Transmission Control solenoid. My car is a 1989 Buick Century Custom w/3.3L engine and 3 speed automatic.

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  1. Tip: As valve components are removed from the valve body bore, place the individual parts, in correct order, in relative position to the valve body. Valves, bushings and springs are not interchangeable.


    1. Position control valve body with cored face up and line boost valve on top. Remove #6 roll pin.
    CAUTION: Many of the roll pins in valve body have pressure exerted against them. Use caution when removing them.

    2. Remove Spring #50 and Control Valve #51

    3. Clean all components. Check all parts for wear or damage.

    3. Replace as needed.

    Buick valve body diagram

    Valve body diagram

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