1991 toyota celica

I was driving down the road on cruise control going about 63mph and the car just died on me. When it died the engine temperature gauge was normal (not hot). What happened?

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  1. In order to know what happened you would first need to determine what is missing.

    An engine requires 4 things in order to run.
    1. Fuel
    2. Spark
    3. Compression
    4. Timing

    A quick test would be to crank the engine over and if it sounds like it is spinning faster than normal ( may sound a little different) then i would lean toward a broken timing belt.

    No Fuel: out of gas, bad fuel pump, Failed ECM
    No Spark: failed ignition control module, distributor failure, bad ECM
    No Compression: broken timing belt, blown gasket

    Does it crank over? Won’t crank at all may be a bad alternator… Ran off battery until the battery went dead.

    No Start Diagnostics

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