Feb 172015

autozone says 2 different alternators and advance auto parts says 1. how many different alternators did the 2000 mercury cougar have and how do I know which one my car need?

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  1. There are two different Engine used in the Mercury Cougar. The V6 and The 4 cylinder.

    Since yours is the V6 that narrows it down to only One. A 130 Amp Vision OE. I am sure they offer a New or Reman(Re-manufactured). But that is up to you if you want a new one.

    Part# 7775 or N7775 from Vision $150 from local parts sore
    Part# 210-5196 from Denso $120 from local parts store
    Less than $100 From Discount Starter and Alternator: Click Image for more details

    7775N Mercury Cougar Replacement Alternator

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