2000 Mitsubishi mirage

I put my key into the ignition today and everything was normal. I could turn it on. Now my key seems to be locked in there. I can not remove key. I made sure it was in park. I also made sure that nothing else was wrong. Suggestions?

3 thoughts on “2000 Mitsubishi mirage”

  1. You can try spraying some WD-40 in and letting it soak a few minutes and wiggle the key up and down to see if it will remove. Try turning it all the way back and forward a few times as well to help the lubricant move around a bit.

    If it is really cold out, you may also take a hair dryer to the key and then use gloves to try and remove it.

    If not, you are looking at needing to replace the key and tumbler assembly.

  2. It’s not like it’s frozen stuck. IT still turns and is functional it just doesn’t want to come out of the ignition. It’s like its locked in. I don’t know if it has like an anti theft thing or not. I bought the car from another owner

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