Feb 102015

My car is continually getting hot. I have replaced the water pump, radiator fan, thermostat, and radiator jug could you please give me some direction as to what might be still causing the car to over heat? I am out of ideas. thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Overheating Troubleshooting Guide

    Possible Blown Head Gasket
    Bad Radiator Cap
    Be sure you are using a hand held temperature gun to read temp, DO NOT rely on dash gauge as it may be the issue.

    Make sure system is bled when refilling cooling system, an air pocket will cause it to overheat.

    Are both upper and lower radiator hoses getting hot.

  2. Yes Sir they are.

  3. If COOLANT LEVEL is good and the FAN is coming on(if not test fan and fan relay), next check the flow. If the flow is bad replace WATER PUMP and check for blockage, if Flow is good > FLUSH Engine then check THERMOSTAT (put thermostat in boiling water and watch for it to open(replace if it does not open). >Thermostat good> Check TIMING (timing belt could be one tooth off usually will not run smooth)> Timing good> suspect improper Thermostat installation or Blown Head Gasket.

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