Feb 252015

I can’t figure out why my check engine light is always on. I have ran the code and it comes up the EVAP system. I have replaced the CAT both o2 Sensors, and the charcoal filter. and the light is still on.

and another thing, Sometimes My dome light will not shut off, I have to shut it off manually and when my dome light is turned off then the lights don’t flash when I arm and disarm the security system. I don’t understand

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  1. for the dome light see answer here:

    The EVAP code would be helpful to narrow the cause down, but in most cases it has to do with an EVAP Leak which has to do with containing gas fumes. So your gas cap, the EVAP purge solenoid or the lines to or from the solenoid are generally the cause.

    If you know the codes post them below in the comments.

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