2003 saab 93 turbo

my muffler came off, the whole thing front to back. so I left it at this guys house to fix, still not fixed and now im missing the catylactic converter he stole. can I straight pipe the car


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  1. You personally can do this, however there are federal laws in place that will not allow businesses to do it without risking huge fines if caught. Also, there will be a check engine light on the dash that will spit out the code P0420 that tells you to replace the catalytic converter because it isn’t doing its job. This reading comes from the downstream o2 sensor.

    Nothing to worry about as it will not effect the drivability or fuel mileage of the car but the light will remain on. The catalytic converter is only on there because the Government requires it. Your car will not run better with it on there. It is an emissions only part.

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