Feb 192015

My Right turn signal is acting up!!! When I activate the right signal the bulbs are functional but are dimmed and pulse as if it’s trying to function properly but the reverse lights come on and pulse dimmed!! Also at the same time, the fog lights in the front go off when I use the right signal and come back on when not using the right signal!!

I’ve taken the back light housing off and manipulated the wires/repositioned them and the back lights worked properly but the fog lights still went off!!!Then it went back to the original problem I described earlier where all those lights were acting funny again!!! Is this a short or a fuse??? Can I fix it myself?? If so, how!!!

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  1. Check your trailer wiring first, especially if you have added or changed anything here.

    Fuses should be good or they wouldn’t light at all. However a loose ground or corrosion at a ground is possible. If you have recently changed a bulb, double check to make sure you used the correct bulb. (ex. 2057 is not the same as 3057 though they look the same).
    The lights are controlled by a “Totally Integrated Power Module”. Check wiring to and from it. I have added a wiring diagram for reference.

    2008 Dodge Nitro Exterior Lights Wiring Diagram

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