2010 Ford Fusion

My car will start but it won’t let me put it in gear at all. It is saying Tire Pressure Monitor Fault and nothing will work =, such as, headlights, heat, radio, windows or my remote won’t lock my car. It worked just fine last night but now I can’t drive it, HELP ME


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  1. Odd that nothing works while the engine is running.(not to common).
    You may have some corrosion at the battery terminals that is not allowing good connection from the battery terminals tot he rest of the vehicle wiring. Start there and make sure the battery terminal connections are clean (not just the outside but the inside of the terminals that actually touch the battery.

    This vehicle is equipped with a Brake-Shift Interlock Solenoid.(Reference Page 211 from your owners manual). If your Brake lamps are not working and will not shift when the brake is applied, you should check your fuses first. (Check fuse #2, #5, and 27).
    2010 Ford Fusion Brake-Shiftinterlock Bypass instructions

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