97 Honda civic V-Tec

I had a suspension coil replaced at a garage. when I picked up the car he said that he’d noticed my car was slow to pull off but that he sorted it. I hadn’t noticed that but said nothing. Since then my car is running 1rpm higher even at rest and the econo drive is not kicking in. Before he had it, the econo was kicking in all the time and I had great fuel efficiency. Now my car is gobbling up petrol, sounds like its working hard and no econo. Does anyone know What did he do and how can I get it put back the way it was? Thank you!

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  1. I would return tot he repair shop and Politely ask for them to Undo what they did. You can let them know your reasons. Be nice to them and they should be nice back. I am sure they intended to help you or they would have charged you for it.

    My guess would be that the mechanic was a younger one and enjoys performance over mileage and assumes that everyone else thinks the same. Which in your case, they were wrong. If I had to guess, they cranked up the idle. Shouldn’t be a big deal for them to fix it back. And, No they shouldn’t have messed with it without asking first. But what is done is done and hopefully they are willing to be nice. Ask with a Smile, it helps.

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