Mitsubishi lancer GLX 2006

My Mitsubishi lancer GLX with a 4G18 engine and an automatic transmission .
Has a problem that after driving for about 10 to 15 minuets the car stops driving and the neutral light flashes while in drive and the engine begins pulsating revolution as if rev limiter

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  1. There are two reasons that the N light will flash, and it can be determined by the rate of the flash the general reason.

    If the N light is flashing at a rate of 2Hz (about 2x per second), the transmission fluid is over heating. This can be due to a clogged cooler, an over worked transmission (towing, or on the highway with over drive off, if equipped with OD switch), or an internal friction issue causing excess heat.

    If the N light is flashing at a rate of 1Hz (about once per second), it is telling you that a malfunction inside the transmission has occurred that is either electronic in nature, or is a mechanical fault in nature that is causing an electronic anomaly.

    Think of the 1Hz flashing N light as if it were a “Service Engine Soon” light but for the transmission.

    In most cases the little annoying light flashing is the transmission telling you it is malfunctioning. Get to the dealer so they can scan it with the factory scanner. While a basic scan tool/code reader may pull up a basic code (even though the SES light is not on), it will only be a ‘flag’ code that is supposed to indicate that the transmission codes need to be scanned. The transmission codes will be much more in depth and indicate the exact area that needs to be inspected and/or replaced depending on the code.

    Going too long can damage your transmission because when the light starts flashing it puts in limp mode. The problem can be as simple as a speed sensor.

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