Skoda Fabia ’01

Is there anyone in here who knows a bit about the EGR-system on a Skoda? I’m currently helping my brother-in-law fixing his Skoda Fabia ’01 and I’m stumped. The fault code is P0401 (insufficient EGR flow detected) and I’ve checked the pipes and ports for blockage but they are clean, I’ve replaced the EGR-valve and that didn’t help either. The only thing left I can think of is an electrical fault. There is a solenoid (magnetic valve) inside the egr-valve, right? Or is it a membrane? In any case: the EGR-valve seems to be electronically operated by the ECU so I’m wondering if the valve itself doesn’t open due to no power being sent from the ECU. Faulty wiring? The electrical connector on the valve has 5 (or 6) pins, which one is ground? I would like to test to open the valve by connecting a 9 volt battery to the lead and ground to see if it opens. I hope my text isn’t too hard to interpret, English isn’t my native language. Any pointers and advice would be greatly appreciated!

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