02 chevy impala ls

I did a gasket replacement from the block up and after reassembling everything and hooking all the connections up and what not went to start it and there is nothing at all. No interior lights no clicking no nothing. Tested the battery and its pumping 12.7 volts so non issue with the charge of the battery. The connections seem fine and everything’s hooked up. The original reason for gasket replacement was because I blew the upper intake manifold apart with a backfire and had to clean any and all particals of plastic out of the engine block. What would cause the starter to not get the juice? And no lights on dash or interior?

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  1. Forgot to hook up ground strap.
    Bad connection at battery terminals.
    Use a multi-meter and check for battery negative and battery positive at the battery connection on the battery. Then check for battery positive at the “REMOTE BATTERY STUD”. If you have battery voltage at the remote stud location and battery negative on the engine, the next thing to check would be the fusible link from the remote stud going to the Crank Relay.

    2002 Chevy Impala 3.4L engine Starting Wiring Diagram
    2002 Chevy Impala starting system wiring diagram

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