2001 Toyota Cmary Conquest

Does a warranty of a second hand engine brought from a wreckers over the phone and got it delivered to the mechanics that whom was going to install the engine brought into the vehicle automatically has warranty of ninty days begin at time of ordering and agreeing and giving address of delivery to be sent begin the warranty at that point or when it was to be delivered and paid for or at the time the vehicle had the engine installed and fitted thats when the ninty days of warranty on the engine begins as I’m actually unsure of when its meant to begin so pls if u dont mind pls answer this question for me pls thanking u ?

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  1. The legality of the matter relies solely on the wording of the WRITTEN Contract. Without a written contract, I would say from the delivery date of the engine. Once the engine is out of the Sellers hands, your 90 days begins. It is not their(Sellers) fault if it takes the installers 6 months to get it going.

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