2004 BMW 318i

2004 BMW 318i – how to replace the range selector switch?
This car is giving problems with the automatic transmission (steptronic) – jerky gear changes with the transmission dashboard warning light coming on.
I want to replace the range selector switch for the transmission but needs some guidance on how to do this.
Appreciate any assistance with this. Thanks.

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  1. Look at the side of your transmission for the gear selector switch (neutral safety switch) you want to replace. Unplug the one connector and remove the mounting bolts. Swap out the switch. Not much to it really.
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  2. Thanks for your reply.
    These instructions you gave are for cars with an external switch, isn’t it?
    My model – BMW 2004 318i e46 series – has the switch inside the gearbox and so is more complicated. It is called the range selector switch.
    Do you know how to change the range selector switch when it is inside the gearbox? Thanks.

  3. On an auto transmission, the neutral safety switch is the same as the position switch, sorry for the confusion. The terms are used interchangeably.
    Everything show indicates it is on the outside of the transmission.
    BMW range selector switch location diagram

    Is this a Manual Shift?
    Model M43, N43 or N46?
    Last 7 digits of Vin#?

  4. VIN# WBAET76050NJ69122
    Auto transmission
    BMW 2004 318i model
    The above diagram you posted is the correct depiction of what I see under the gear stick. It is inside the auto transmission casing on my model.
    I want to replace part number 1 in your diagram.

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