2007 Saturn Vue

At the end of February I was in a small accident where I had to get some front end damage repaired. When it was repaired, the mechanics connected the fog lights on the truck, which I didn’t know I had and I have had the truck for 2 years. A few short weeks later both the battery and the alternator went out. When I picked up the truck it started right up and everything ran like normal. The next day however, the dashboard lights as well as the head lights were blinking when I started it up. I let it run for a few minutes to see if it stopped and it didn’t. The locks, cd player/radio and time display do not work but the windows do and the lights flash more when I press the window button up or down. So I turned off the truck, sat for a couple minutes and then started it again. I did this over and over until finally everything started normal. This process went on for a couple days and since the new parts were under warranty, I had them replaced again. Now with a new battery and alternator the issue is not as frequent but it is still happening and the mechanics cannot figure it out. Could this issue be caused by the fog lights being connected or is there a deeper electrical issue?


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  1. Fog lights shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Sounds more like anti-theft if the lights are flashing. If you have another ignition key, try it and see if it continues to show the same signs. You could remove the fog light relay to disable it for testing purposes just to rule it out for yourself. Exact location can be found in the owners manual.
    Fog Light Wiring Diagram Reference
    2007 Saturn Vue Fog Lights wiring diagram

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