2009 honda accord

I drove the car about 200 miles it rattled when accelerating I brought it home and checked oil it was empty and now it won’t start no light or nothing came on


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  1. rattle when accelerating could be engine ping from cheap or bad fuel.
    no oil on dipstick, not good but if it only took a quart or two may survive.
    If the oil was completely empty and took 4 quarts, very bad and severe internal engine damage may have occurred.

    No start and no lights or nothing, usually a dead battery.

    Best case scenario: The rattle noise was the alternator going out and the engine was running off the battery and is now dead and just needs recharged and the alternator replaced. And the low oil level was just neglect. Better yet, the rattle noise was the alternator belt tensioner and the belt came off, check that first. Charge the battery and see if the lights will come on and try to start… by all means top off the oil level before hand if you haven’t done so already. Let us know what you find below in the comments.

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