huyndai H1 problem

I have a problem with my van (H1 2011 with engine TCR 2500)
the problem code: P1116 Boost Pressure Sensor – Malfunction
I checked many cases but still have the same problem


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  1. Check the wiring going to the sensor and the sensor connection. If this checks out, replace the sensor.

    Component Location
    Hyundai boost sensor location

    General Description
    Boost pressure sensor is used to detect the intake manifold pressure and which is governed by the waste gate valve of variable turbine geometry.(VGT-turbocharger) In order to output a voltage signal to the ECM which is directly proportional to the applied intake pressure, the boost pressure sensor must measure the instaneous pressure in the intake manifold. The boost pressure is calculated from a stepoint value map depending on engine speed and fuel quantity. The boost pressure is subdivided into recognition of driving style, stepoint value calculation, boost pressure governor (closed-loop control), boost pressure open-loop control, controlled adaption of governor parameter and monitoring, and shut-off.

    DTC Description
    If the boost pressure sensor is reading an extremely low or high intake air pressure during two driving cycles, these codes will be set.
    If the ECM is reading an uncharacteristic boost pressure sensor supply voltage as compared to the engine load during driving cycles, this code will be set.

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