07 Dodge Charger

My floor gear shifter will not shift and my gears on the dash have boxes around them with an 8 boxed on it as well. Even when I press the pink button to release the gears it still will not shift gears.It sends a code U0103 and I have tested the wires and the fuses and replaced the shifter.

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    Theory of Operation

    The Transmission Control Module (TCM) receives information from the Engine, Anti-lock Brake System, and the Electronic Shift Modules (ESM) over the CAN C bus. The CAN C bus is a high speed communication bus that allows real time control capability between various controllers. Most messages are sent every 20 mSec, this means critical information can be shared between multiple controllers almost instantaneously. The CAN C bus is a two wire bus with a CAN (+) and a CAN (-) circuit. To reduce the potential of radio and other electrical noise interference, the CAN Bus circuit wiring is manufactured using a twisted pair configuration within the electrical wiring harness.

    When Monitored:
    Continuously with the ignition on.

    Set Condition:
    The DTC will set if a valid CAN ID was not received in the required time from the Electronic Gear Shift Module.

    Possible Causes

    shifter module is more common then the TCM and you normal get more codes then just U0103 such as implausible data from TCM fault codes.

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