1996 GMC Sierra 1500, 4.3L V6, AutoTrans, 2WD, 190K Miles

Acquired from an estate yesterday. It was parked on the street when I got into the truck, started the engine and shifted into drive. Drove it home with no issues at all. Parked it in my inclined driveway (may be an issue) and, with my foot on the brake, I set the parking brake and then shifted into Park. Changed the oil and filter. This morning I started the engine and, with my foot firmly on the brake pedal, tried to shift into Reverse. The shift lever showed essentially no resistance moving down and up, but the shift indicator never moved out of Park. I checked the transmission fluid, not on a level surface, and the level is in the lower portion of the “Cold” area on the dipstick. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be in getting the transmission to go into gear?


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  1. So the shifter moves but the little indicator on the dash does not. OK, from what I read above, you need to release the park brake.

    The shift indicator on the dash moves by a little string and is nothing more than that, an indicator. My guess would be the the park brake is stuck if it doesn’t want to move. Most people do not use the park brake and if you were the first one to set the park brake in years , this could be the issue as to why it is not moving.

    If it isn’t going into gear, the engine would rev high and show no resistance? If the shifter just flops around, you managed to break the pin and will need to tear down the column and repair it.

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